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Building workplaces where all genders can thrive

Our approach to gender equality training focuses on equipping teams with the knowledge and tools both to respond to inequality, harassment and abuse safely and sensitively, whilst creating lasting cultural change that helps to prevent these issues arising in the first place.
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Live Training

Bespoke training designed to promote gender inclusion and safety in and out of the workplace. Our practical training is tailored to your DEI goals, the needs of your team, and the challenges faced by senior leadership. 


Whether we’re training bank staff to support customers experiencing economic abuse, hosting workshops to tackle microaggressions in the workplace, or upskilling senior management to understand how intersectionality shapes experiences of abuse and harassment, our training is designed with your team in mind.

Key features and benefits:

  • Practical, interactive group training.

  • Material tailored to the needs and pain-points of your team.

  • Live discussions, workshops and Q&A designed to build positive, thriving work cultures. 

  • Delivered online or in-person by experts.

  • Opportunity to connect with frontline charities and support services. 



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