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Why Thrive?

Our mission

Our mission

We are dedicated to empowering workplaces through comprehensive training and education on gender inequality. Our mission is to create inclusive and diverse cultures where all genders can thrive, while addressing even the most sensitive and challenging subjects.


Guided by our core values of social responsibility and open dialogue, we specialise in tailoring training solutions that meet the unique needs of businesses worldwide. From HR managers to senior leaders, we collaborate with organisations to drive impactful change through live training, e-learning, policy drafting and awareness-raising. 

Our creative approach to social challenges is underpinned by a global network of gender activists, NGOs, legal experts, social entrepreneurs and researchers. With a track record of tackling uncomfortable conversations head-on, we equip organisations to support their people and foster a culture where gender inequality is everyone’s business.









Thrive is a social enterprise addressing gender equality by tackling taboos

In 2014, I started volunteering for a domestic abuse charity and was shocked by its prevalence and the lack of action. Two years later, the charity's patron Carole Stone OBE sponsored me to attend One Young World Ottawa where I met many likeminded leaders and gravitated towards those working to achieve gender equality. Back in London, I started working for the domestic abuse charity and launched the One Young World End Domestic Abuse Working Group. The Group wrote its Business Cases to End Domestic Abuse which I launched at One Young World Bogotá and we subsequently organised a training day in the City of London. 

Building upon this work, CHANEL contacted me through One Young World and we began working on end domestic abuse initiatives including training days and a Statement of Intent. A few months later, the COVID-19 pandemic started and the number of domestic abuse cases increased significantly. Companies who remembered the launch of the Business Case got back in touch so I decided to formalise this work into a social enterprise and so Thrive was born with CHANEL as our first client.


I knew immediately that we needed to work in partnership with frontline charities and bring their expertise to our corporate clients. By bringing the private, public and social sectors closer together I believe we can achieve gender equality.


Over the following months, it became clear that this work fitted into a bigger agenda on gender equality. Domestic abuse affects people of all genders and none but the experience of survivors, from the abuse itself to the support they can access is heavily influenced by gender. Building upon the domestic abuse work, clients began to talk with me about their gender pay gap, the loss of opportunity due to gender inequality and the fear of sexual harassment that employees experience on their way to and from work. So, we launched our Thrive Pledge and three programmes to help businesses taking meaningful steps to address these issues.


Today, Thrive is a social enterprise addressing the most challenging problems that are preventing us from achieving global gender equality. It is a huge privilege to work with businesses and charities to address one of the highest potential inequalities in the world.



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