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War Child

Passionately committed to marginalised communities, Thrive LawChanger Ayan Said has written and recorded a reading of her poem "War Child". Creating diverse and inclusive safe spaces is central to Ayan's work supporting marginalised communities.


War Child

Meaning resilience was embedded into my DNA from the start

As I learned to walk with lions,

Found peace with chaos and conflict as an infant.

Women in war zones surviving mortality rates higher than current statistics

Where in the UK,

40 percent more Black women miscarry in comparison to their counterparts,


I can't put into words the miracles of being women

And the way our bodies are ripped open to continue our species

Despite the neglect and abuse we face for just existing.

Women who lost loved ones to war

And the consequences of migration

But still women like my Mother

Overcame adversities

Raised us into adulthood

Where we are now

Unlearning and relearning

What it means to be human.

I found my voice and founded Voicing Voices to make a statement.

That we will no longer tolerate any glass ceilings.

We are united intergenerationally,


Globalisation is in our favour.