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Meet the Team

Usha Kiran
Law Changer, India
Usha Kiran

Usha is a One Young World Ambassador. She is a development and communications professional from India who works with women's rights organisations on the issues of gender based violence. She has worked with My Choices Foundation, Asmita Resource Centre for Women and Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Centre in the past. Usha has worked to develop new programs, raise funds and help implement projects on domestic violence, sexual harassment at workplace, prevention of human trafficking and gender sensitisation.
She has also worked with women with disabilities in rural India to help increase awareness of their rights, and participated in setting up a Gender Resource Disability Centre in Telangana State with the help of grassroots NGOs. She has trained thousands of school and college students on issues of violence and gender justice. She has also trained many organisations on Prevention of Sexual Harassment Laws in the country. As a Communications Manager, she helped run various awareness and advocacy campaigns on domestic violence.

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