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Trinidad and Tobago

Population size: 

1,399,617 [1]

Number of people experiencing domestic abuse each year:

In the last 12 months, 6% reported physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence. However, many cases go unreported. [2]

The Crime and Problem Analysis (CAPA) Branch of the Trinidad & Tobago Police Service (TTPS) reported approximately 11,441 cases of domestic abuse between 2010-2015. 75% of these related to female victims. During the same period, 131 homicides related to domestic abuse occurred of which 56% were female. [3]

No research on male victims or other gender identities.

Cost of domestic abuse to the economy each year:

Cost of domestic abuse to individuals, the state, and businesses is approximately $8,250 to $12,500 per person. [4]

Estimated % change due to COVID-19:

On 9 April 2020, the Commissioner of Police shared data confirming a rise in domestic abuse cases. In February 2019, 39 reports were made whereas in February 2020 there were 73 reports. In March 2020, there were 96 reports. In total in 2019, 232 were reported whereas already in 2020 there had been 558. However, the increase in reports may, in addition to COVID-19, be related to the January 2020 launch of a Gender-Based Violence Unit which encouraged disclosures. [5]

Current law and policy:

The Domestic Violence Act (passed in 1991, revised in 1999 and amended in 2006) serves as the governing law on domestic violence. The Act defines domestic violence as any type of physical, emotional, financial or sexual abuse. The Act is not meant as an alternative to the criminal process. It extends the range of remedies available. The Act mandated a ‘National Domestic Violence Register’, however, this does not appear to be implemented. [6]

Trinidad & Tobago has committed to a number of regional and international treaties relating to VAWG, including: The Conven