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Togolese Republic

Population size: 

8,284,390 [1]

Number of people experiencing domestic abuse each year:

There is no official reporting mechanism for the Tongolese Republic. Due to societal views and the acceptability of a man to beat his wife, the numbers of cases is likely to be much higher than any records would show. [2]

No research on male victims or other gender identities.

Cost of domestic abuse to the economy each year:

No research.

Estimated % change due to COVID-19:

No research.

Current law and policy:

Togo strengthens National Strategy to end gender-based violence. Togo commits to strengthen the National Strategy for the fight against gender-based violence by emphasizing on increased level of education and knowledge of rights among women and girls, enhanced economic empowerment of women through access to land, credit, equipment and training in the agricultural sector, and by integrating gender-based violence prevention in social and education policies. Under the National Strategy, Togo further commits to build the capacity of the Ministry of Women’s Promotion and civil society partners for improved services, paralegal help, and provision of gender-based violence trainings for police and judges. Furthermore, Togo commits to continue its effort to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) through legislative and adomesticviolenceocacy initiatives. It has recently adopted a penal code to ban and criminalize gender-based violence, therefore strengthening existing FGM law and the fight against gender-based violence.



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