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Population size: 

16,829,364 [1]

Number of people experiencing domestic abuse each year:

Women who have experienced physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence in their lifetime:21.5 % [2]

Physical and/or Sexual Intimate Partner Violence in the last 12 months against women: 12.2 % [3]

No research on male victims or other gender identities.

Cost of domestic abuse to the economy each year:

The cost of lost productivity due to forms of violence from 2006 – 2015 was 2,923,494 [4]

Estimated % change due to COVID-19:

No research reported.

Current law and policy:

Senegal commits to implement national programme to eliminate violence against women and girls, strengthen legal interventions and judicial, health, adomestic violenceocacy and psychosocial support.

Senegal is committed to implement a national programme to eliminate violence against women and girls and to strengthen the legal interventions, judicial, health and adomestic violenceocacy and psychosocial support.

The Government will continue its efforts to ensure better protection of women's rights by insisting on the application of relevant laws and regulations, strengthening its legislation to fight harder against discrimination, trafficking of women and girls by promoting public actions to end violence against women and girls.

Thus, a national coordination framework of the action plan against violence based on gender will be implemented during the year 2013 that meet all state actors (ministries, local authorities) and non-state actors (non-governmental organizations, civil society,  private sector, civil unions).

In 2012, the Government conducted through the Ministry of Justice a session of capacity building of the judiciary, security officers and leaders of the houses of justice. Also, the Ministry of Women, Children and Women's Entrepreneurship launched the 116 hotline dedicated to women.

These activities have identified good practices that justify the need to sustain the action against violence against women and girls. To this end, the Government shows its commitment to move to a higher level by allocating adequate resources to achieve its goal of zero tolerance.



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