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Fighting for gender equality in Brazil

Hear from Law Changer, Gisela Foz, about the work she is doing to advance women's abortion rights in Brazil with Milhas Pela Vida das Mulheres, or Miles for the Life of Women in English.

Milhas Pela Vida das Mulheres is a Brazilian NGO which helps women access safe and legal abortion in Brazil and neighbouring countries, whilst stimulating debate and campaigning in favour of the decriminalisation and legalisation of abortion in Brazil. In a country where unsafe abortion represents the fourth most-common reason for maternal deaths, their work is essential to the wider gender equality mission.

Ahead of the October elections, Milhas Pela Vida das Mulheres are turning their attention to political candidates. Their aim is to put abortion on the agenda in key decision-making spaces and encourage those with a platform to speak up on bodily autonomy and rights. Hear from Gisela about how they plan to do that, and ways that you can support:

To support the campaign, please donate here.

Read more about Milhas Pela Vida das Mulheres' projects here.

(Both in Portugese but automatic translation is available)


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