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Central African Republic

Population Size:


Number of People Experiencing Domestic Abuse Each Year:

2019: 11,777 cases of domestic violence were reported, which represents a 174% increase in numbers from 2014.

No research on male victims or other gender identities.

Cost of Domestic Abuse to the Economy Each Year:

No research.

Estimated % Change due to COVID-19:

Since April, gender-based violence has increased by an estimated 10%, while reported injuries to women and children have increased by 69%, rape by 27% and other assaults by 45%.[2] Since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in the Central African Republic, 97% of the victims of gender-based violence have been female and 76% underage.[3]

The UNDP reports that there has been a 69% increase in violence.[4]

Current Law and Policy:

Domestic violence is prevalent in the Central African Republic and the government has failed to respond to such despite domestic violence being a criminal offence under Article 27 of the Law on the Protection of Women against Violence. The legal system in the Central African Republic also penalises domestic violence, sexual harassment and marital rape, but around 80% of women still justify spousal abuse in any of the 5 circumstances listed.

While recent laws to address gender-based violence signal progress over the past couple of years, social norms against wider gender equality limit the potenti