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Population Size:

32.83 million. 49.5% are male, 50.5% are female.

Number of People Experiencing Domestic Abuse Each Year:

2019: 41.1% women face intimate partner violence - 32.3% physical, 27.3% emotional, 7.4% sexual.

2018: 82.75% of all reported domestic violence cases were against women.

2007: 78% of women reported having experienced violence since the age of 15. This would amount to roughly 12,931,737 women. In addition, the study showed that 62% of women living in poor suburbs around Luanda had experienced abuse in the past year.

No research on male victims or other gender identities.

Cost of Domestic Abuse to the Economy Each Year:

No research.

Estimated % Change due to COVID-19:

No research.

Frontline Services:



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