Number of People Experiencing Domestic Abuse:

87% of Afghan women are believed to have experience domestic abuse at least once.,

80% of women reported violence from their partners.

Between March 2017 and March 2018, at least 270 women lost their lives due to domestic violence and honour killings in Afghanistan, as documented by the Independent Human Rights Commission.,

4,340 cases of domestic abuse against women registered in fiscal year 1396. Of these, 1,420 cases (32.7%), related to physical violence, 228 cases (5.3%) to sexual violence, 1,317 cases (30.3%) to verbal and psychological violence, 749 cases (17.3%) to economic violence, and 626 cases (14.4%) to other types of violence against women, which largely concerns unacceptable customs and traditions.

No research on any other gender identities.

This is from a population of:

37.17 million. 51.7% male and 48.3% female.

Frontline services:



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