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Population Size:


Number of People Experiencing Domestic Abuse Each Year:

2018: 29% of the women interviewed in a survey on sexual abuse acknowledged having been victims of sexual violence, with more than 30% of the cases occurring in the victim’s home, but 74.2% were never reported. 26.7% of Cuban women had been victims of violence by their partners in the 12 months prior to the study. When surveyed, women disclosed experiencing psychological violence first, followed by economic, physical and were most hesitant to speak about sexual violence.[2]

No research on male victims or other gender identities.

Cost of Domestic Abuse to the Economy Each Year:

No research.

Estimated % Change due to COVID-19:

No research.

Current Law and Policy:

The Cuban government has no laws or action plans to combat domestic violence. The Cuban government has been hesitant to acknowledge the violence against women in the country. Currently, Cuban law does not recognize domestic violence as a distinct category of violence. However, it does prohibit inflicting injuries (Criminal Code, Article 272) and being a parent or spouse of the victim is listed as an aggravating circumstance (Criminal Code, Article 53). Moreover, there is currently no national plan to address the issue of domestic violence in the country. The Cuban government have began to acknowledge domestic abuse, albeit in a very small way, by releasing numbers on gender-motivated killings, numbers which only include women who died as a result of domestic violence.

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