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Meet the Team

Ronelle King
Law Changer, Barbados
Ronelle King

Ronelle is an Afro-Barbadian human rights activist and intersectional Caribbean feminist. In 2016, she founded the viral social media movement #lifeinleggings, which later evolved into a grassroots organisation, Life In Leggings: Caribbean Alliance Against Gender-based Violence through Education, Empowerment & Community Outreach. As Director, her role is to ensure that the organisation fulfills its commitment to reducing the region’s pervasive rape culture and helping to eradicate regional occurrences of gender-based violence.
In 2019, she co-founded Pink Parliament, an initiative which encourages girls between the ages of 14-20 to consider careers in politics. Through her work, she has been a driving force in highlighting key issues pertaining to gender rights, youth development and the protection of marginalised communities. She views her work as helping to create an inclusive, sustainable and equitable region for all. She was awarded the 2017 Youth Hero (Female) Award by the Barbados Youth Development Council and the 2018 Queen’s Young Leader Award by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, in acknowledgement of her dedication to reducing gender inequality in her country and region. She is also a One Young World Ambassador.

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